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Collaboration with Photorail with images or texts is free, without charge and payment. All the material submitted to Photorail is evaluated and ready for pubblication in determinate timing or during particular events. Images submitted to Photorail - classified by subjects - will be published on an apposite page dedicated to the author or in pages inside the archive, if they are of particular interest or if they are classified as "Oldies". Texts submitted to Photorail are used only in the "Issues" section and by this meaning they will have to be formulate. Yet published or yet on-line material usually will be not uploaded to Photorail, except for particulalry interesting images. To contact Photorail you can use the available addresses reachable on the Homepage / "Contacts". The collaboration of Photorail to other websites or events has always to be valueted and approved. Without previous request the material published in Photorail cannot be used. Since Photorail's philosophy is to help the circulation of railway photo material on the web and among the users, it will be enough to ASK authorization to use it! 

 Photorail collaborate with :

 Stefano Paolini and Photorail collaborate with images and text on:
 - TuttoTreno :  "100 anni di tram a Milano" su TT 59
 - MondoFerroviario : "Risaie e treni" su MF 155
 - MondoFerroviario : "Da Sassi a Superga" su MF 158
 - MondoFerroviario : "Ultimi servizi merci sulle linee FNME" MF 163
 - MondoFerroviario : "Il Brennero cambia volto" MF 163
 - MondoFerroviario : News varie MF 156/157/158/159/160
 - MondoFerroviario : News varie MF161/162/163/164/166/167
 - RailVolution : Numeri vari e Copertina su RV 2/03
 - Be-Pal Prima Classe : "Prima Column 3" - Recensione di pagine web : vedi
 - Jahrbuch Europäische Eisenbahnen 2003 : Richard Latten "Italian Railways" : vedi
 - Jahrbuch Europäische Eisenbahnen 2004 : Richard Latten "Italian Railways"
 - Jahrbuch Europäische Eisenbahnen 2005 : Richard Latten "Italian Railways"
 - Jahrbuch Europäische Eisenbahnen 2006 : Richard Latten "Italian Railways"
 - Jahrbuch Europäische Eisenbahnen 2007 : Richard Latten "Italian Railways"
 - Jahrbuch Europäische Eisenbahnen 2008 : Richard Latten "Italian Railways"
 - Si viaggia anche così : Cornolò/Ogliari "copertina" : vedi
 - European Railways Timetable Thomas Cook 2006 : copertina
 - Ferrovie Nord Milano in tre secoli : Giovanni Cornolò
 - Milano Centrale allo specchio : Claudio Pedrazzini
 - Drehscheibe : Numeri vari
 - Die Baureihe V100 : Peter Grosse
 - Deutsche Lokomotiven in Italien : Michael Ulbricht
 - Locomotive ad accumulatori : Giovanni Cornolò
 - Treni : Franco Tanel ed. Whitestar
 - Locomotive Elettriche FS 2^ edizione : Giovanni Cornolò
 - Carri FS Italia Vol.1 : Editoriale del Garda
 - Carri FS Italia Vol.2 : Editoriale del Garda
 - Novantanni sui Binari 1916-2006 Roma-Pantano : Cesmot
 - Ingegneria Ferroviaria CIFI : numeri vari
 - RailBusiness DVV Media : numeri vari
 - Europaische Privatbahnen 2009
 - Europaische Privatbahnen 2010
 - En Lignes : numeri vari
 - Lok Report : numeri vari
 - La leggenda dei TEE : Mertens/Malaspina
 - moltissimi siti web italiani e stranieri : cerca con Google "photorail" !

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